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Started: February 2018
Finished: May 2018

‘Functional’ Portal Gun

Integrated Electronic Features:
-60W LOUD speaker to play SFX and Game Soundtracks
-40W of LED’s to illuminate the central core & Simulate Firing portals

The issue of Dispersing heat was a Large focus of design consideration, and was solved with the shown integrated cooling channels.

Cold Air is pulled in through the front Aperture cooling the main firing LEDs and their switching electronics, this is then vented out sections that resemble a vent in the original design.

Cold air is also pulled in from under the front lower holding section, through the remaining switching electronics and speaker and vented atop the central core.

Prolonged use of the prop results in warm to the touch electronics but is kept under control.


3D Printed ‘Working’ Portal Gun – Cosplay Prop

‘Working’ Portal Gun, with Lights and 60W sound!

Posted by Compound Creations on Tuesday, 29 May 2018