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Started: August 2018
Finished: N/A

Current Progress Showcased at Advanced Engineering 2019 Tradeshow

Full Size 1.4M Tall animatronic Portal Turret

After completing the Portal Gun project in May2018
and how pleased I was with the final outcome, I started to think about my next project..

“Hmm, I wonder if that could work”, It’s quite big which means there should be enough space for mechanics etc…

So I started to casually take reference images in game and even used Handrail building regulations to refer to a real world scale.

I measured it all up and decided on 1.4m (Without the aerial) .

I have a bunch of 2020 extrusion and other 3D printer spare parts, and decided on utilising these.

The main frame will be 2020 extrusions and panels will bolt onto this, which allows for modularity and ease of access for wiring and repairs.

I originally thought on high RPM motors with leadscrews to extend the doors to the matched speed in the game, However when testing max speed on a Nema17 Stepper, It was fast enough.

This also means I can have fine step control over the motors for the other axis.

So.. Stepper motors it is

Stage one was working out if the doors would be physically possible, as they clip inside the model in the game.

Can the doors still sit flush and extend out as they do in game?

I modelled up the pod body, using reference images and sculpt mode, This was then shelled and the doors cut from them.

This project is on long term pause, it’s printed and awaiting code and movement tests, i’m sure i’ll pick it back up one day…