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Started: – 15/02/2020
Finished: 28/10/2021


Updated Progress: Febuary 2021 – Visor now acheivable with new Elegoo Saturn
Sanding, Sanding, and… More sanding…
The Intimidating red glow of the CTAC Guard
One of the very few times the helmet is seen in all its detail

I love the look of these complex futuristic helmets of the CTAC Guards in Altered Carbon.
The characters are usually shown in dark scenes, with their intimidating red frown like glow.

I want one!

Render of my model

I modelled this using reference images I took whilst watching the show,
A lot of scenes are in darkness, but I managed to get enough decent reference using both screenshots and Images of the official props from convention displays etc.

The design of the visor seemed to be a fine horizontal type slatting, I decided to go against this as I intend to wear this at conventions, and the limited visibility from all the detail parts cover my vision enough already.

So, I opted for a smoked visor, this way I can also utilise internal lighting to bring my face into view at the push of a button.

Detailed Slatted visor now achievable with an Elegoo Saturn!

I implemented a lot of functionality into this helmet, as showcased below:

The Glowing accents use a sanded lasercut 2mm acrylic insert, and are lit with a NeoPixel from behind. A 5/6mm distance gives a nice evenly spread glow.
Each visor detailing piece is printed seperately and fits in with slots or mounting/alignment nubs.
The design has vents on the sides, I’ve modelled these in as functional vents, using 2mm laser cut acrylic as the vent slats.
This keeps the helmet breathable.
Removable back section affixes with inset magnets
To avoid the visor fogging up and to keep the wearer cool, a raised panel in the design is utilised as an intake for a small blower fan.

Holes in the ear section allow for better hearing