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3D Filaprint Matte PLA – Black
Printed on the Finished Hemera D01

The Tronxy D01 is a decent base built from sheet metal with linear rails, A solid frame perfect for a project printer.

The default motherboard and hotend are decent enough but I’ve only run a single test print in its default configuration before taking it apart.

After being impressed with what I saw of the Hermes Hemera at TCT, I bought one on release day with this project in mind.

The modifications only reduce the Y axis from 220 to 214mm keeping other axis their standard. A cooling fan redesign would return that missing 6mm of Y travel, but this isn’t an issue for me.

Tronxy D01 Frame
BigTreeTech SKR 1.4 Turbo — TMC 2209 Steppers — E3D Hemera w/ Nozzle X

Carriage Design for D01 frame & Hemera Hotend
The cooling fan was printed in 2 parts to remove the need for any bridging, 2 applications of super glue on the trim of these parts was enough to make them air tight.
The part cooling fan mounts using a single screw into the bottom of the carriage and directs the airflow evenly over the printed part

After finalising the firmware config and being happy with the print results, I decided to work on the mess of cables on the carriage.

I wanted the cover to be mostly free from attachment to wiring to allow easy maintainance, A screw mount is achieved with a change to longer screws on the rear carriage threads.

The front of the cover is a push fit down into the front recess of the Hemera Motor housing.

Much neater!

The front opening will have a diffused window with Neopixel RGB led’s displaying output from Marlin / GCode

Polygon Vase by Antonin_Nosek
3D Filaprint Matte Black
Polygon Vase by Antonin_Nosek
Proto-Pasta HT PLA Matte Fibre Grey

Up next is a full enclosure, and some experiements with Automatic part removal / continious unmanned printing…
To be continued… / waiting for parts to arrive 😀